Let's write a PHP macro parser

Posted by Dominik Marczuk on November 26th, 2012, with 4 comments.

Category: Tutorials
Programming language: PHP
Tags: parsing, regex, macro

If you've ever managed a website using a CMS, be it Drupal, Wordpress or other, you probably noticed how certain elements get inserted into the page content using some barely readable code in brackets or curly braces, that gets replaced with actual content dynamically. This article will show you how to harness this.

Complete roguelike tutorial using C++ and libtcod - part 9: spells and ranged combat

Posted by jice on November 25th, 2012, with 3 comments.

Category: Tutorials
Programming language: C++
Tags: libtcod, video games, roguelike

In this article, we'll start to add diversity to the gameplay by adding three new spells :

  • lightning bolt : deals damage to the closest enemy
  • fireball : powerful area effect spell
  • confusion : turns the selected enemy into a randomly wandering zombie for a few turns


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